Current Licensed Vacancies    

If there are vacancies listed for which you would like to apply, please contact the principal(s) directly regarding the possibility of scheduling an interview.  For additional information, you may also call Human Resource Services at 934-6031.

Note:  If you are applying for any of the positions listed below for Central Services, please contact Human Resource Services at the number provided and ask that your name be included on the job posting for that specific position.
You must have a completed application on file in the Human Resources Office to be considered for employment.

All positions are open until filled unless otherwise noted by the posted closing date.

Vacancies listed were last updated on April 10, 2014.

Central Services
(919) 934-6032 ext. 255

Visually Impaired Specialist

Principalships - Anticipated Openings for 2014-2015 School Year (Elementary, Middle, and High School)

Assistant Principalships - Anticipated Openings for 2014-2015 School Year (Elementary, Middle, and High School)

 Until Filled

Archer Lodge Middle
Betsy Huddleston, Principal
(919) 553-0714

Benson Elementary
Deborah Johnson, Principal
(919) 894-4233


Benson Middle
Sheila Singleton, Principal
(919) 894-3889
Exceptional Children's SC/LSP Teacher Exceptional Children's SC/SED Teacher
7th Math/Science Teacher
AVID Teacher
Clayton High
Clint Eaves, Principal
(919) 553-4064

Science Teacher 
Spanish Teacher

Clayton Middle
Stephen Baker, Principal
(919) 553-5811

Exceptional Children's SC/Cross Categorical Teacher
Exceptional Children's SC/Autistic Teacher
Exceptional Children's Inclusion Teacher


Cleveland Elementary
Maureen Hanahue, Principal
(919) 550-2700


Cleveland Middle
Kendrick Byrd, Principal
(919) 553-7500

Exceptional Children's Resource/Inclusion 
Social Studies Teacher (Available 4/1/14)
Guidance Counselor/RtI (50%)


Cleveland High School
Anne Meredith, Principal
(919) 934-2455

Allied Health Science Teacher
Health/Physical Education Teacher


Cooper Elementary
Janet Lebo, Principal
(919) 553-0256

Corinth-Holders Elementary
Melissa Hubbard, Principal
(919) 365-7560

Corinth-Holders High
Chase Ferrell, Principal
(919) 365-4306

Exceptional Children's Life Skills Teacher
Math Teacher
Science Teacher


Dixon Road Elementary
Kenneth Bennett, Principal
(919) 894-7771


Early College Academy
Brandon Garland, Principal
(919) 464-2314

Curriculum Specialist

East Clayton Elementary Patty Whittington, Principal
(919) 550-5311


Four Oaks Elementary
David Pearce, Principal
(919) 963-2166

Technology Teacher
ESL Teacher

Four Oaks Middle
David Cobb, Principal
(919) 963-4022
Exceptional Children's Resource/Inclusion Teacher 
Johnston County Middle College High
Barretta Haynes, Principal
(919) 464-2303
Glendale-Kenly Elementary , Christie Turner, Principal
(919) 284-2821


McGee's Elementary
Terry Weakley, Principal
919) 894-7161


McGee's Middle
Chad Jewett, Principal
(919) 894-6003

Exceptional Children's SC/Life Skills Teacher
Math/Science Teacher

Meadow School
Leigh White, Principal
(919) 894-4226

Micro-Pine Level Elementary
Allen Sasser, Principal
(919) 965-3323

North Johnston High
Tim Harrell, Principal
(919) 284-2031
Exceptional Children's OCS Teacher
Social Studies Teacher
North Johnston Middle
Jarvis Ellis, Principal
(919) 284-3374
Polenta Elementary
Denise Byrd, Principal
(919) 989-6039

1st Grade Teacher
Exceptional Children's Teacher - Life Skills

Powhatan Elementary
Sharon Johnson, Principal
(919) 553-3259



Princeton Elementary
Rhonda Ward, Principal
(919) 936-0755
Princeton School 
Kirk Denning, Principal
(919) 936-5011


River Dell Elementary
Jason Smith, Principal
(919) 553-1977
Riverwood Elementary
Dorlisa Johnson, Principal
(919) 359-6300


Riverwood Middle
Phil Lee, Principal
(919) 359-2769

Exceptional Children's SC/SED Teacher

Selma Elementary
Suzanne Mitchell, Principal
(919) 965-3361


Selma Middle
John Bell, Principal
(919) 965-2555


Smithfield Middle
Jennifer Moore, Principal
(919) 934-4696
Smithfield-Selma High
Michael Taylor, Principal
(919) 934-5191

Exceptional Children's SED Teacher
Science Teacher
Exceptional Children's OCS Teacher

South Campus High
Junior Creech, Principal
(919) 934-6481
Exceptional Children's OCS Teacher 
South Campus Middle
Chris Kennedy, Principal
(919) 934-6481
Science Teacher
Exceptional Children's SED Teacher
Social Studies Teacher
South Johnston High
Eddie Price, Principal
(919) 894-3146
South Smithfield Elementary
Carla Withrow, Principal
(919) 934-8979


West Clayton Elementary
Dolores Gill, Principal
(919) 553-7113


West Johnston High
Paula Coates, Principal
(919) 934-7333
Exceptional Children's Resource/Inclusion Teacher
Math Teacher
Allied Health Science Teacher
Social Studies Teacher (Available 4/21/14)
West Smithfield Elementary
Tandra Bachelor-Mapp, Principal
(919) 989-6418
West View Elementary
Lorrie Johnson, Principal
(919) 661-6184

Wilson's Mills Elementary
James Stoke, Principal
(919) 934-2978



The Johnston County Public School system does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, sex, color, religion, national origin, citizenship status, age, or handicap in any of its educational or employment programs or activities.






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