Parents and Guardians

Welcome to the Class of 2014 Page

Hello, my name is Donna Ritter.  I am a Spanish and Latin teacher here at CHS and I am also the Senior Coordinator.

This page will be used to communicate information to you, along with the Comet's Tale. 

If your student is planning to graduate this year, please take a moment and fill out the form below.  The information you submit will allow me to contact in the event of a problem or concern. 

I can be reached at

Events taking place on June 13th, 2014

Senior Breakfast 8:00 am

Graduation Rehearsal  immediately following graduation

Graduation ceremony begins at 6:30 

Gates open at 5:30 and once the seniors begin to march, the gates will close until all Seniors are seated on the field. The larger blue tickets (4) are for the field.  These are the tickets that will be used  to enter the gym in the event of rain.  The green bleacher tickets will not be valid for the new gym in the event of rain. 

Each individual seated on the football field is required to have a ticket.  Babies may sit on parents laps without needing a ticket, however, for each individual guest occupying a seat, they will need a ticket.

There will be golf carts available to transport handicapped individuals.  They will be near each entrance.  

What to wear on graduation day

Care of Cap and Gown

  1. Hang gown on a hanger.
  2. If the gown needs pressing, use a COOL iron and press on the inside.
Graduation Attire:
  1. Dress/casual shoes (no athletic shoes or flip flops) - be careful about the height of your heels.  You will be walking down steps and across grass.
  2. Dress or skirt and blouse (du to the sheerness of the gown material, the recommended hemline is knee-length, however, no clothing should be shown below the gown.
  3. No shorts
  1. Dark shoes (no athletic shoes and no flip-flops) 
  2. Dark socks
  3. Khaki or dress slacks (no jeans)
  4. Solid white shirt
  1. Wear the cap straight on the head, parallel to the ceiling.
  2. Wear the tassel over the right temple before you are declared graduates.
  3. Gentlemen, when prayer is offered, remove your cap and hold it under your left arm- after the prayer, promptly replace the cap on your head.
The Ceremony
  1. Lineup will take place in the new gym.  You will be assigned a space in line according to the row on which you sit during the ceremony.
  2. The diploma will be received in your left hand.  Shake hands with your right hand.
  3. After you have been declared graduates, the senior class president will lead you in placing the tassel over the left temple.
  4. Each graduate deserves equal recognition when he/she receives the diploma;  therefore, individual celebrations by graduates and/or guests are not appropriate until the entire ceremony is over.
  5. The graduation ceremony is not complete until the benediction has been given.

Thanks to everyone who helped to make the picnic so fantastic!

Friday May 16 Events

Seniors:  This is a reminder that tomorrow,  you will need to bring your cap and gown for the group picture in the new gym. Please do not bring additional honor chords, etc. as the picture is to be taken with just the basic cap and gown.  After the picture, weather permitting, you will proceed toward the basketball concession stand and receive your yearbook.  If the weather is agreeable, we will then move to the soccer field for the Senior Picnic. posted 5/15 



Some things students may want to bring on Friday the 18th are:  sunglasses, a chair to sit on, or some type or tarp - waterproof ground cover and a nice pen/sharpie to sign yearbooks. 


The committee has been working hard to provide a nice picnic for the seniors. 
The parents on the picnic committee will be working and serving food/drinks to the students the day of the picnic, as well as maintaing various games and stations.   As this is a picnic for the graduates, these parents will be the only non-faculty adults permitted to attend the picnic.  They will be wearing their volunteer t-shirts and have put in a great deal of effort to make thins event special for the seniors.  posted 5/14 

Parents, This is a reminder that the Senior Picnic Committee is asking for parents to donate drinks and chips according the the following breakdown.  This request was sent home with your child's cap and gown. 

Drink and Chip Requests for Senior Picnic

Last Name   ____ Drink Request

A – D   Pepsi 12 pack cans + 12 pack of individual chips

E-H Mountain Dew 12 pack cans + 12 pack of individual chips

I-M Diet Pepsi or Diet Mountain Dew 12 pack cans +

 12 pack of  individual chips

N – Z  Case of bottled water

** Please drop off in Mrs. Ritter’s room (402 D hall ) any time the week of April 28 – May 2

posted on April 23

Meeting for Sr. Breakfast and Sr. Picnic to be held on April 22nd, in the Media Center at 6:00.

posted on 4/11

Cap and gowns will be delivered on Friday April 11th.  Along with the cap and gown Senior Parents are being asked to send drinks and chips to room 402 D.  These will be used for the picnic and the breakfast.  The list is broken down by Last names.  Please look for a colored 1/2 sheet of paper.

posted week of 4/7

Please be sure to fill in the form below. 

Parents, we are beginning to get organized for both the Senior Picnic and Senior Breakfast.  Please use the form (Below and to the left) to sign up for the Senior Picnic.  The form for the Senior Breakfast is below and to the right. If you have already emailed Mrs. Ritter and expressed an interest in helping, would you please fill out the forms as well?  This will give a complete list to the committee chairpersons.  Since these events are on 2  separate days, please feel free to sign up for both : ) 

Thanks in advance for all you do to make this last year memorable!  posted 2/17/14

Senior Picnic                                              Senior Breakfast


The Application for Outstanding Seniors and Seniors of Distinction is linked on Mrs. Ritter's teacher web page.  Look on the left navigation for the appropriate page.  The application deadline has been moved to January 24, 2014 due to some problems with the attachment.  



Please reserve September 24, 2014 on your calendar for Senior Parent Night.  At this meeting you will be given important information concerning your child's senior year.  We will try to keep you there for less than an hour.  

Here is the link for the powerpoint shown on Monday night.  Also, the document with important dates is linked there.  This document will be updated to include some Yearbook dates and some testing dates as well.